I am passionate about sharing the beautiful, healing practice of yoga to help strengthen and open your body. In my classes, we also share tools for coping with stress and other emotional events, and help you to expand your mind and life for the possibility of more. My classes are alignment-focused. I give clear, methodical instructions to help you safely move in and out of poses, along with the skillful infusion of down-to-earth philosophical and spiritual concepts.

Practice with Me

Meet me on your mat in my weekly group classes at Chrysalis Yoga.

Hot Yang Yin – This yoga class is rigorous for the first half of the class, to build heat and warm up the muscles. The class is designed to open and/or activate parts of your body to help explore a pinnacle pose at the end of the first half of the class. The second half of the class is more passive and slow-moving, as we focus on opening tight areas of the body like the hips, thighs, hamstrings, and shoulders.  We focus on quieting the mind, while stretching the muscles and connective tissue in a safe way.

New to Yoga

Never practiced yoga before? Or perhaps you took a yoga class a long time ago and want to try it again?

You may have heard yoga is great for increasing flexibility, helping with depression, injuries, and calming your mind. But you may be thinking: “Yikes, I don’t know anything about this yoga thing. I can’t even touch my toes.” When I first tried yoga, I was stiff. I couldn’t follow what the teacher was doing, and I couldn’t keep up with everyone. I found out that the yoga instructor (at the gym) had only completed a one-weekend fitness course on how to teach yoga. I went to a yoga studio, and I became addicted. I felt calmer as soon as I walked into the studio. The highly trained instructor focused on alignment and safety and gave me modifications for my body. And so I created a 4-week Foundation of Yoga course for you. Click on the link below to learn more and sign up at Chrysalis Yoga (see Box 1 = Learn the Foundations of Yoga).

Love Notes: What my students say!

Love Notes: What my students say!

As the co-founder of Chrysalis, Shanine has created a community not just based on the shared passion of yoga, but from the transcending peace and gratitude that comes innately from her spirit. As a teacher, Shanine guides her practice with a quiet, unassuming power. She is able to interject humour into her class. She gives her students the confidence to achieve beautiful things. As a friend, Shanine is loyal and without judgment. She is truly a treasure to behold.
Nancy McKenzie
Yoga Student
Shanine is an incredible yoga instructor. Her positivity, encouragement and love for yoga, is seen in every class. Her gentle instruction through every sequence gives myself and other students a deeper appreciation of the power of yoga. Her classes make me aware that I am capable of doing anything and because of that have made me love yoga even more. I hold Shanine in the in highest regard because she is truly inspiring.
Jacquie Marion-Salisbury
Yoga Student
Beginner and advanced yoga students alike will thrive under Shanine's unparalleled guidance. She has an amazing ability to bring her students to a place of deep self-awareness through breath and movement.
Wendy Baker
Yoga Teacher Trainee (2012-2013), Yoga Teacher
Shanine grows teachers from such a loving place. Her knowledge, passion for yoga and healing paired with years of experience has allowed me to build a great foundation as a future teacher.
Jenn Newell
Yoga Teacher Trainee (2015-2016), Yoga Teacher
I have been so fortunate to have completed my first yoga teacher training program with Shanine. She is authentic, knowledgeable, yet continues to learn, and able to give each student exactly what they need. Anybody who takes a yoga class with Shanine is incredibly lucky.
Ingrid Pulpin
Yoga Teacher Trainee (2014-15), Yoga Teacher
Shanine doesn’t push me hard; yet I find myself pushing through to new levels in her class. At first, I’d leave her class thinking that somehow I had accomplished uncommon things. Then again and again; yet each time there she was. She is great enough teacher to give me the mistaken impression that I did it myself.
Trevor Copp
Yoga Student
Shanine is a playful, knowledgeable and talented yoga teacher. During our yoga teacher training journey we were able to deepen our personal practice and learn how to teach students in a safe and caring way. Shanine created a safe space for us to be vulnerable and discover our authentic selves, ultimately allowing us to reconnect and enhance our personal relationship. Forever Grateful.
Natalie & Michael Workman
Yoga Teacher Trainees (2014-2015 & 2015-2016), Yoga Teachers
Shanine is an amazing teacher! I love her class themes and the knowledge she brings to each pose!
Johanna De Castro
Yoga Teacher
My studio, Chrysalis Yoga, was created for you because we want you to be your most powerful, stress-less, radiant, and best self. It’s a place for you to unwind and look after yourself.

When I first came to yoga, I was going through a challenging time. I had lost that spark. I needed to heal. I needed a change. I tried yoga and immediately started to notice the positive effects. The funny thing is, even after creating this studio, I’ve still gone through some really rollercoaster times but this studio that we created for others, became a community of friends that helped me get through these struggles. I want this place to be like that for you! We created this studio so you can take care of yourself, so you can find that spark again, to heal and to transform physically and emotionally through yoga, meditation, barre, and other classes.

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