Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

A Pilgrimage to be Fully Received

A Pilgrimage to be Fully Received

in this comprehensive Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.

Restorative yoga invites us to bring more softness and ease to our bodies and mind. When our restorative yoga practice nourishes this stillness and steadiness, it begins to imbue into our lives. We, most importantly, rest, especially in a time and society where achieving, accumulating, and doing more is celebrated. We become more inclusive of all parts of ourselves (and others). We’re given the gift to respond and interact with our emotions and life from a place of spaciousness and compassion.

As teachers, sharing this experienced wisdom of restorative yoga with others is an incredible gift that can create ripples in the fabric of society.

In this 65-hour training, learn how to use props, your voice, poses, and more to create an environment for yourself and students to move into deeper states of rest. In an intimate group setting, you will learn the traditional wisdom of moving into these more profound states of relaxation, the science behind the nervous system, and how this beautiful system keeps us protected. We learn anatomical aspects and breathing techniques to recalibrate the nervous system. We will also learn to teach with minimal and lots of props and how to sequence classes to evoke a specific benefit or theme.

Join us for a deeply enriching training.

Restorative Training Curriculum

Module 1: Foundations of Restorative Yoga

Location: Inye Yoga (in-person)

  • What is Restorative Yoga, and why practice it?
  • The lineage of restorative yoga and its evolution throughout the years.
  • How can we create space in our life for a daily ritual of rest?
  • Therapeutic benefits of restorative yoga, according to traditional wisdom and science-based wisdom.
  • The pillars of restorative yoga.
  • Yogic philosophy and texts related to restorative yoga.
Module 2: The Brain & Nervous System Regulation

Location: Rooted in Natura (online). Completion is needed for Restorative Yoga and is transferable for the Yoga Nidra Training.

  • Basic nervous system anatomy (the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system).
  • The psoas, vagus nerve and breath in relation to health and relaxation.
  • The anatomy of the mind according to science and its relation to rest.
  • The traditional wisdom of the anatomy of the mind and how rest/stillness plays an important role.
Module 3: The Koshas & Gunas - Layers of Being and Influences in Life

Location: Rooted in Natura (online). Completion is needed for Restorative Yoga and is transferable for the Yoga Nidra Training.

  • The 5 layers that comprise of the body, energy, breath, emotions, and soul according to eastern philosophy and how they play a role in rest. 
  • The gunas and how these interweave in life and our practice.
Module 4: The Art of Propping

Location: Inye Yoga (in-person)

  • How to set up a Rest Nest and prepare students for gathering props.
  • The use of different props and alternatives.
  • Explore 20 key restorative postures and variations in propping. Learn the various categories of poses, including the benefits and contraindications.
  • Learn to adapt and modify poses according to the student(s) level and circumstances, including minimal or lots of props.
Module 5: Guiding Students into Deeper States of Relaxation

Location: Inye Yoga (in-person)

  • Cueing deeper states of relaxation – words, voice, and more.
  • Breathing practices for before or during a practice.
  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra and other techniques to cue more profound relaxation.
  • Introduction on trauma-sensitive guidelines or intentions (however, this is not a specific trauma-informed training).
  • The use of touch. Assist and learn ways to add therapeutic touch to aid in relaxation.
  • The use of sound and the role of sound healing for deep listening and relaxation. Enjoy a Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Journey workshop (Nov 27th).
  • The importance of silence.
  • Bonus information: Rooted in Natura elements to aid in relaxation (teas, plants, and more).
  • Other rituals for relaxation, compassionate inquiry and integration.
Module 6: The Art of Teaching Restorative Yoga

Location: Inye Yoga (in-person)

  • Pillars for teaching restorative yoga.
  • Sequence postures for the overall theme, timing of poses and for particular therapeutic effects.
  • How do the Doshas (Ayurveda) play a role in propping and teaching.
  • Plan restorative classes and prepare for the specific needs of your students (includes a class template).
  • How to demonstrate poses.
  • The power of observation and verbal cues.
  • Teaching privately and as a group. Virtual considerations.
  • The importance of personal practice.
  • Practice teaching and hold space for students.

Five Free Restorative Classes:
You will receive a 5-class pass, giving you access to our Friday night Restorative classes through Inye Yoga. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the restorative practice, as well as enhance what you have studied. Classes can be attended in-person or online.

Two Short Pre-Recorded Practices:
It’s important to make space for more rest in our lives, especially being on this journey. You will have access to 2 short pre-recorded practices to nourish yourself.

You will receive the opportunity to assist classes and receive guidance to be more fully in the seat of the teacher.

Sound Healing & Restorative Workshop:
Attend a Sound Healing & Restorative workshop (free) and experience how sound and vibration can move us into deeper states of relaxation, as well as bring healing.

  • Curriculum is subject to change. Some modules may cross over (for example demonstrating poses in the art of propping).
  • Training must be completed within 1 year (including submission of all assignments).
  • You will receive a detailed schedule on the first weekend.

What you will receive…

  • Downloadable beautiful, and detailed manuals.
  • Restorative classes for free at Inye Yoga during the duration of the training (can attend in-person or online).
  • Scripts for deeper relaxation, as well as guidelines on how to create your own teaching practices.
  • Access to online sections that can be transferable for the Yoga Nidra Training.
  • Assist a restorative class (and more if you wish to receive further mentorship).
  • Enjoy a Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Journey workshop.
  • Two free short guided restorative practices for personal use.
  • 10% discount off new props through Inye Yoga. Gently used props are also available through Shanine Dennill.


Prices are listed in Canadian dollars.
Non-refundable and non-transferable.
Yoga teachers are eligible to receive a 10% discount for the in-person training; you must show a valid certificate (email
Includes 5 free restorative class pass with Inye Yoga (almost $100 value), a free Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Journey workshop, and many benefits listed above.
Monthly payments: 1st payment is due on sign-up; the remaining payments are due on the first of every month thereafter.
One payment or 4 monthly payments are for Modules 1, 4, 5, 6. Payments are made through Inye Yoga.
Modules 2 & 3 are online courses and are paid separately through Rooted in Natura.

Oct 29 – 30
Nov 12 – 13
Nov 26 – 27
(with Sound Healing Workshop)
Dec 10 – 11

Sat = 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (w/ 1hr lunch)
Sun = 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (w/ 1hr lunch)
* Subject to change.


You will need the following:

Yoga mat
1 strap
2 yoga blocks
4 blankets
2 bolsters
1 light cloth to cover the eyes

More props are welcomed in aiding in rest.

4 Modules are in-person at:
Inye Yoga
2640 Bristol Circle, Suite 300
Oakville, ON
L6H 6Z7
(There are a few inns and conference centres near the studio – let us know if you need this option).

2 Modules are online with:
Rooted in Natura

Client Love

By attending Shanine’s restorative yoga classes, I can be in the moment and rest and relax my body. She holds space for me to release my everyday life’s tension and stress. They are such wonderful classes where we are gently held. I really enjoy her restorative classes because she is such a calm teacher. We can laugh and smile while doing a pose, and I am always so happy being in the class. Thank you, Shanine, for sharing your talent with us.

Rhea L

Shanine makes our practices meaningful, insightful, and filled with love and care. She creates an environment that never fails to make me feel accepted, relaxed, fulfilled, and grounded. I have grown and learned so much from her teachings. I’m lucky to be a part of her classes, and I look forward to it every week!

Jasmine B

Your Guides

Your guides have a deep love of yoga and healing, and an intense honouring of the traditions (seeing the wisdom beyond the physical practice of yoga). They truly live yoga off their mat and their life is in reverence and service for the Universe.

Lead Trainer, E-RYT 500

After being touched by the death of family members at a young age, Shanine questioned the meaning of life and death. This led her on a spiritual quest and to study with masterful spiritual teachers.

Over the past 15 years, Shanine has helped thousands of people to nourish and restore their body, mind, and soul through her classes (having owned a studio for 10 years and now teaching at various places), having taught many teacher trainings, workshops, and through her recordings. Her first teaching position was working at a hospice, bringing the healing benefits of restorative yoga to those with life-limiting illnesses. She returned to Restorative during grief and when she was so depleted that she could not get out of bed. Restorative and Yoga Nidra restored her back to health (as well as through herbal medicine) and provided so much more.

Shanine is dedicated to bringing Rituals and Rest to her students (a space that cultivates reverence and guides us to slow down and listen to the whispers of our heart). Yoga Nidra has brought her some peace with the aspects around death, which is our most extraordinary transformational transition. In Restorative and Yoga Nidra, we are on a pilgrimage of dissolving to be fully received in the unknown (much like death).

Shanine is an E-RYT 500 and YACEP with the Yoga Alliance (having graduated from 3 trainings). She has received extensive training in Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation. Her yoga practices are influenced by Tantra Yoga (from the Sri Vidya lineage). She is also a Reiki practitioner. Her hobbies include: spending time with her Aussie dog, Rihanna; learning and sharing folk herbalism (including awakening people as being part of nature); and playing her didgeridoo.

Shanine’s desire is to share the wisdom of soulful healing to live fully and die well.

Guest – The Brain & Nervous System Regulation

Thirty years ago, when Kathleen stepped onto a yoga mat for the first time, little did she know that she was taking the first step into a practice that would transform her life. In the beginning, she loved the physical practice of yoga, developing strength and flexibility, and the feeling of lightness she would have after class. But as Kathleen continued to practice, she became aware that what she really loved was the sense of contentment and inner peace she would feel, not just while she was practising, but also in other areas of her life. These feelings inspired her to delve into learning more about yoga, first by taking the Yoga Teacher Training at Chrysalis Yoga and then to study Yoga Therapy at Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science and Alternative Medicine in Rishikesh, India. This is where her yoga became a deeply spiritual practice integrating breath, mind, and body. She found a place, a way, to inner peace and healing. Kathleen truly believes that Yoga IS Therapy; yoga is a system of healing that works from the outside in.

Kathleen has over 30 years of experience as a Registered Kinesiologist and recently received her C-IAYT. Her original studies in Western medicine taught her anatomy, physiology, and the science of human movement. Still, the ancient Eastern science of life, yoga, taught her to take a holistic approach, simultaneously working on the body, mind and spirit. Currently, Kathleen teaches Chair Yoga and Aquatic Yoga. She is passionate about helping people in pain by integrating yoga into healthcare.

Guest – Sound Healing

Preeti has a unique way to life. She walks through life using her sensory awareness, observing how the world expresses itself through energy, frequency, and vibration.

She has been developing her skills in Energy Medicine for over 22 years. She started her career in the Beauty industry as an Esthetician. She began to notice that each client felt different through the conversations and intimate hands-on interactions occurring during each appointment. Preeti was in a place where she explored her healing journey from traumas left behind in childhood. She often found herself emotionally supportive of her clients as they would feel comfortable sharing personal stories. This led Preeti down the path to explore Foot Reflexology and Reiki because she knew she could support others in much deeper ways.

This path deepened as she began her personal practice with various forms of Yoga and Meditation. Preeti has many family members in her lineage that teach Pranayama. Later, she expanded her studies with this particular limb of yoga. She has also dedicated time to exploring Vipassana Meditation as she has participated in two 10-day courses.

As her journey continued, she started to embrace food being a form of Medicine. Diving into learning more about Orthomolecular Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and the Psychology of Disease. This opened up many avenues of healing. She spent so much time exploring herbal medicines, how nutrients operate, and their effects on the body. She eventually began to explore Master plant medicines, specifically psychedelics. This shifted the path for Preeti as doors opened to travel to Guatemala, where she learned to work with sacred Sound Healing and facilitate sacred Ceremonies.

Her mission is to bring our spirit back to source energy and nature. Reactivating our heart spaces through working with various sacred medicines. Her main purpose and pleasure are to lead others back into harmonious states of well-being. Helping us to remember where we truly come from.



For new and experienced yoga teachers, meditation teachers, fitness instructors, massage therapists and bodyworkers, health coaches, health care professionals, and those who work in healing professions.


This is mainly an in-person training so you can physically see and experience the poses. Teaching from an embodied place is essential in transmitting the richness of the practice. We will be in an intimate setting (limited to 15 students). The training is meant to be a space to learn but to also feel immense support and safety to rest for yourself. Some sections are online and can be completed at your own pace. Online sections are charged separately (and are transferable for the Yoga Nidra Training). To receive the full certificate, you will need to complete all sections (in-person and online) and homework assignments. You will be able to attend and assist restorative classes. A highlight of the training is attending the Sound Healing & Restorative workshop (while you rest in poses, a guest instructor will use sound to add to your healing journey).


100% attendance is required for the in-person sessions as each section builds on the other. If you miss a session, you can book a private session to catch up. You’ll be charged an additional cost of $85 + HST per hour (if you missed 3–4 hours of work, this is usually covered in 1-2 hours). All online sessions can be completed at your own pace. To receive your certificate, all sessions must be completed within the year.


We recommend a few textbooks and will send you a list. However, these are not mandatory, if there are financial restrictions.


Textbooks are recommended but not mandatory. You will receive free access to restorative classes during the training. You can print the manuals yourself or keep them digitally. If you wish for us to print them, there will be an additional $50 charge (includes binder and tabs). If you do not have props, you will need to purchase them. You can purchase gently used props from me (I have straps and bolsters) or you can purchase new props through Inye Yoga and receive 10% off.


It’s highly recommended to take a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training as this previous training will lend skills to knowing the Sanskrit and English names of poses, how to observe alignment in poses, and other skills. However, it is still a beautiful training to add to your other trainings and field of interest. If you wish to chat with me whether it’s a good fit, please send me an email:


Yes. This practice is beautiful for you to integrate into your life. If you already teach, you learn other poses to help a student transition in life and who perhaps need more rest.


Yoga Alliance is a governing body that ensures certain standards of teaching requirements and training programs. Once you complete the program and receive your certificate, you may submit it directly to Yoga Alliance for continuing education credits of 65 hours.


Prices are listed in Canadian dollars.
Non-refundable and non-transferable.
Yoga teachers are eligible to receive a 10% discount for the in-person training; you must show a valid certificate (email
Includes 5 free restorative class pass with Inye Yoga (almost $100 value), a free Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Journey workshop, and many benefits listed above.
Monthly payments: 1st payment is due on sign-up; the remaining payments are due on the first of every month thereafter.
One payment or 4 monthly payments are for Modules 1, 4, 5, 6. Payments are made through Inye Yoga.
Modules 2 & 3 are online courses and are paid separately through Rooted in Natura.

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