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A Soulful Wellness Online Community

Anchored in the practices of mindful movement, Tantra yoga, meditation, universal consciousness, ritual and rest, and communion with the wisdom of nature.

Rooted in Natura offers online yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and trainings, as well as in-person retreats.

Our programs nurture a sense of belonging, creativity, reflection, and empowerment that sow the seeds of transformation within as we evolve on the journey from sense to soul.

We offer online yoga trainings and the occasional classes (free or by donation).

Rooted in Natura was founded by Shanine Dennill and Diana Lavadinho. Diana and Shanine met at Shanine’s yoga studio in Burlington, ON. They studied Folk Herbalism together in 2021 … this was when their vision of bringing nature and yoga together was born.

Online Classes include:


Diana leads you through guided meditations based on her vast, in-depth studies in meditation and personal spiritual practice.

Restorative Yoga

Shanine leads you through a restful online restorative yoga practice (steeped in rituals and rest). Her specialty is Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Tea Ceremonies

Diana and Shanine both studied Folk Herbalism. You will often find them sharing this information in these classes. These tea ceremonies are also a staple of their in-person Mini-Retreats.


Shanine leads the occasional Ayurveda workshops to help us find harmony within and with our environment.

Online Yoga Trainings

Some courses that are required for the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra Training, and the 300-hr training can be found here.

Creative Classes

These classes help us connect to our inner child and let our creativity shine through. These are led by Diana.

Online Yoga Trainings

Brain and nervous system regulation rest online course restorative yoga training yoga nidra training

The Brain &

Nervous System Regulation

You can take this training as a standalone or as part of the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra Training.

Explore our extraordinary nervous system & how yoga plays a role in regulating us (especially rest).

koshas gunas layers of being influences in life restorative yoga training yoga nidra training online course

Koshas & Gunas

Layers of Being

You can take this training as a standalone or as part of the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra Training.

Dive into how rest influences the layers of being (Koshas) & explore the influences in life (Gunas).

art of journaling creative class online course online class journal

The Art of Creative


Whether you love journaling, don’t have time, or don’t see the benefit of it, this course will share why journaling as a ritual is a wonderful practice for self-exploration, and creativity, and a vital part of your self-care and wellness toolkit. * Recommended for all of our courses and trainings.

divine feminine mother goddess online course online class 300 hour yoga teacher training

Divine Feminine

Mother Goddess

You can take this training as a standalone or as part of the 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Learn about how the Divine Feminine has been revered in many cultures and the sacredness in the Universe. We will connect with different Goddesses, learn mantra or prayer, symbolism, and more related to the Goddess. Some Goddesses we will learn about: Ma Durga (Hinduism), Isis (Egypt), Green Tara (Buddhism), Pancha Mama (Inca – Mother Earth), and more.

20 day sadhana practice yoga meditation 40 day new years resolution goals intentions

20-Day Sadhana Yoga &

Meditation Practice

Every new year starts with great intentions. But if there are underlying beliefs that keep tripping you up, those intentions or resolutions won’t last long. We need to heal these patterns and anchor them into something that holds deep reverence and devotion (so we follow through).

This 20-Day Sadhana Practice is held in the beginning of every new year.

Send Shanine an email if you wish to be in the next one.

Soulful Nature & Wellness Retreats

Enjoy in-person retreats with us. These retreats offer a deep connection with nature that awakens the remembrance of our truest essence (Natura). They give you space to rest and take care of yourself, while not having to rearrange your life. They are close by and only half a day.

All retreats include a tea ceremony and plant connection, a creative activity, a restful practice (such as a fire ceremony or Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra), and a cleansing ritual.

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