New To Yoga

Realize the YOU who is boundless.

Never practiced yoga before? Perhaps you took a yoga class a long time ago, and you’d like to try it again? Or someone recommended it.

Whatever the reason, I’m so glad you’re willing to try yoga. You may have heard yoga is great for increasing flexibility, helping with depression, injuries, and calming your mind.

But you may be thinking: “Yikes, I don’t know anything about this yoga thing. I can’t even touch my toes.”

When I first tried yoga, I had no idea what was going on!

I was stiff; I couldn’t touch my toes. I couldn’t follow what the teacher was doing, and I couldn’t keep up with everyone. I found out that the yoga instructor (at the gym) had only completed a one-weekend fitness course on how to teach yoga.

I went to a yoga studio, and I started to transform.

I felt calmer as soon as I walked into the studio. The trained instructor focused on alignment and safety and gave me modifications for my body. I started to notice an improvement in my life – my outlook on life and how I handled stress.

I created the Foundations of Yoga series for YOU, the beginner!

Because I know how intimidating it can be to join a regular yoga class, and how empowering it is when you get to know how to move into poses and adjust it for your body.



There are 2 ways you can take the course!


You’ll learn yoga from a qualified, professional Chrysalis Yoga teacher in a slow-paced, supportive environment.


We’ve recorded all the classes and put them online. You’ll also receive a downloadable workbook with each module.