Over the last year, I’ve been collecting ideas for self-care – tools I can use when things get tough, or when I’ve felt tired, sad or lost. When I asked a dear yoga student and friend of mine (Nancy) what she does to fill herself up, I was expecting something like “a bubble bath”.  Instead she said she volunteers – she found that in the act of giving to others it brought her peace and joy. I had another conversation with a gentleman who said that his previous birthday wasn’t great, so the following year on his birthday he decided to buy a homeless man a meal.

Yes, looking after ourselves is important and taking care of our needs is essential in filling up our cup so we can give to others. But showing kindness and care to others, being in service of others, feeds a deeper sense of happiness and contentment. This is more extra-ordinary than just loving yourself. By you helping someone else and touching their heart in some way is such a powerful thing.

It is the thread of genuine care and respect for others that binds a community.

You may have noticed the Christmas tree in the studio, filled with paper bulbs with writing on it. We’ve adopted a family from the Halton Women’s Place (an organization that provides a safe-haven for physically, emotionally, financially and sexually abused women and their dependent children). Grab a tag, buy a gift (as stated on the tag) for the mom or children, such as: Build-a-Bear gift card, Metro gift card and more. Bring the item and tag back to the studio. We will then deliver the items so the mom can wrap the gifts for her children. We’ve also been working closely with Save Our Scruff – you may remember our Yo’Dawg event back in the Fall. This organization rescues dogs and finds them a permanent home and this year we’ve made tags for items they desperately need, such as: towels, water bowls, food, and toys.

So this holiday season, even though you’re giving to your family, see if you can give a complete stranger and/or animal your gift of kindness. Try to find ways to continue this any time throughout the year.

Love to you during this holiday season!

Much Love!

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