When I first opened the studio, I opened it because I was passionate about yoga and what it had done in my life. Then I hit speed bumps along the way, as you do owning a business or with anything in life, I could see the passion go down. I thought to ignite that passion again was to fill myself up – take some rest, come back to my yoga practice more intensely, find a different path, among other things. And that helps of course, but it isn’t sustaining when you hit the bottom of that downward swing and struggle to come out of it again.

And recently I had hit the bottom of that lull. It felt like my passion and love that once existed was on top of this giant mountain. I was looking up and instead of the usual “take one step at a time to climb that mountain”, I just sat there thinking “I have no energy to even get up; no energy to even move my legs; I don’t even know if I want to do it anymore.”

After feeling lost and being burnout about everything in life, a period of surrender came over – I sat back and watched and felt. I was with my friends from the studio at a party (well a few parties) – we were laughing and enjoying each other’s presence. If there was no studio, there would be no friends, and no party. I saw people bonding with each other at the studio where they may not have known each other otherwise. I had people come up to me and say the community helped them through a dark period in their life – a family member died, they lost their job, they divorced – and this place offered a sanctuary to heal or to just make it through. I was struggling and frustrated (wishing I had a man around) to get a hose off in my garage and a student of Chrysalis recognized me while she was walking by. She helped me by getting a wrench from her house and we got it off. And more recently seeing the success of this YoDawg event (where a community came to help loving dogs be fed and/or adopted). Those moments filled me up! This love, this community.

My passion is no longer yoga. My passion now is this community – to offer a place and tools (like yoga) that help people through those challenging times. When I looked back at the core values we made when we first opened – surprisingly, community was not on there. Shocking – as everyone knows Chrysalis for its community. My values have changed and so has Chrysalis’ – it is now about community & love, growth, integrity, and gratitude.

Over the next year, you will see we will be doing more community inspired activities – like more YoDawg events, socials (where everyone can hang out, get to know each other – so follow our Facebook page for more details), and other things to help us face and work through grief and truly take care of ourselves and each other.

Passion – it needs to be more. It has to be that thing that makes you excited to wake up in the morning. Or if you do not have excitement that day, it needs to be strong enough to sustain you through the tough times. It needs to fill your soul. It has to be more than the superficial.

I love you my Chrysalis Yoga family. You have touched my life deeply!

Much Love to you!


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