Nowadays, we seem to be all about the future. For the Holidays, we may have received the latest gadget (iPhone, computer, etc.). We plan for the future, for 2017. This is good but it’s also important to look back at the past (not dwell on it and repeat unpleasant stories – unless healing is needed) but to search through it for valuable lessons.

We can look at our history to see the warning signs that create suffering. We can ask our elders for advice as they’ve lived through many experiences. And we can reflect on our past for wisdom to make informed decisions now, for a better future.

Looking back over the last year, I’ve learned the most important thing is to live my life with integrity and surround myself with people who do the same. This means:

  • Who I am in my professional life is who I am in my private life.
  • I choose to show respect to others (their nature, their property and life) – although the other person has to take responsibility in how they receive what you say and do (we all come to a situation with life experiences and patterns or beliefs that alter how the message is received – even if it was said and done with the best of intentions).
  • I value honesty above all else (no lies, no half truths, no hidden truths) – but if someone is mistaken, I will try not to jump to the conclusion they are being dishonest or trying to take advantage of me. They may be misinformed, have made a mistake, worried about the pain they will cause or they may be worried about destroying their image.
  • Show appreciation and gratitude for the things in my life and the kindness people have shown me.
  • I’m still trying to work on this one – forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made and forgive others for their mistakes (take responsibility for my own actions and avoid blaming).

What lesson have you learned in 2016 to create more peace in your life and to create a more harmonious community?

Much Love!

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