Connecting with that which is Sacred

Let’s connect by Rituals and Rest with yoga, meditation, and nature.

It is my honour to hold a sacred space for you to align to your greatest potential.
Slow down and reconnect to nature and your truest essence.

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Mar 26, 2023

Nature wellness retreat with hike, dogwood tincture, fire ceremony, meditation at ThinkSpot, Lowville, Burlington


Spend an afternoon connecting with nature in beautiful Lowville, Burlington. This magical place, surrounded by forests and with the stream flowing through, offers deep healing and nourishment.

We will be working with the plant, Dogwood. Once you connect with the essence of this plant, you’ll notice it everywhere. This plant is associated with loyalty, secrets and offers us protection. It helps with pain relief, sleep problems, menstrual cramps, and more.

We gather Dogwood on our nature walk, sit around a fire and connect with a sacred tea, and make a Dogwood tincture.

Location: ThinkSpot (Burlington)

Guides: Shanine & Diana

Apr 30, 2023

Candle making Aromatherapy Nature and Wellness Retreats with restorative yoga and candle gazing meditation


In this half-day retreat, you will learn how to craft your unique aromatherapy candle using all-natural ingredients infused with hand-picked wild plants sourced from the land in a supportive and community environment.

Aromatherapy has many therapeutic benefits, including calming the nervous system and relieving stress.

We will infuse the candles with personal intentions and crystals, making them soothing, relaxing, and a beautiful addition to your home. We will close the afternoon with a candle-gazing meditation and candlelight yoga practice.

    Location: Joshua Creek Arts (Oakville)

    Guides: Shanine & Diana

    May 20, 2023

    Sacred Cacao journey move into heart with restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and labyrinth meditation walk.


    Cacao is a potent plant medicine that helps us to move into our heart, reflect, explore our wishes & dreams, heal what needs to be healed, & move with love. In this plant journey, gathered in circle, we will work with ceremonial-grade cacao from Guatemala. 

    This day includes a labyrinth walk at Joshua Creek.

    A rich, restorative yoga practice will open our hearts while being deeply nurtured. This will be followed by a sweet Yoga Nidra practice gently guiding us into the Cave of the Heart. 

      Location: Joshua Creek Arts (Oakville)

      Guides: Shanine & Diana

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