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Let’s connect through Rituals and Rest with yoga, meditation, and nature.

It is my honour to hold a sacred space for you to align to your greatest potential.

Join Me in an Event  this  Fall…

Oct 29 – Dec 11, 2022


In this 65-hour training, learn how to use props, your voice, poses, and more to create an environment for yourself and students to move into deeper states of rest. In an intimate group setting, you will learn the traditional wisdom of moving into these more profound states of relaxation, the science behind the nervous system, and how this beautiful system keeps us protected. We will also learn to teach with minimal and lots of props and how to sequence classes to evoke a specific benefit or theme. Enjoy an afternoon of sound healing with a guest speaker.

Join us for a deeply enriching training.

Location: Inye Yoga

Guides: Shanine & Guest Speakers

Nov 20, 2022


In this half-day retreat, enjoy the creative and health benefits of creating soothing natural salves from botanicals and herbs while immersed in a community circle. We will also learn about abhyanga massage and make our own massage oil based on our constitution and what we need in our life at this time.

This massage oil is encouraged to use every morning before you shower. It is a beautiful daily ritual to soothe you during the wintertime. Surrender into a restorative yoga practice, followed by deep meditation. You will get to make and go home with a salve and massage oil.

Location: Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

Guides: Rooted in Natura (Shanine & Diana)

Nov 27, 2022


Take time to slow down, rest and nourish your body and soul. Join us for a beautiful session where you are held in Restorative poses while bathed in Sound Healing.

Sound and Restorative is a beautiful pairing. Restorative yoga releases tension, cultivates more space, softens the edges we find in ourselves and life, and opens up new energy to invigorate us. Sound Healing allows us to sink into a higher frequency. The mind and body surrenders into the vibration. Enjoy the exquisite sounds of singing bowls, tuning forks, and more.

Enjoy this wonderful, powerful practice, and give yourself the gift of self-healing.

Location: Inye Yoga, Oakville

Guides: Shanine & Preeti

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