Energy Healing

Energy permeates our being and everything around us.

With Energy Healing, you move into self-healing and increased well-being.


Our thoughts, experiences, and surroundings affect our energy. Energy can become stuck, stagnant, or spin too much.
By clearing energy from your body, chakras, and aura, and amplifying or balancing your energy, you begin to see and feel clearer, more stable, and settled in your true essence.

How it Started

As a child (in South Africa) I saw my grandmother lay her hands on a neighbour who was experiencing pain. I later went on to study massage therapy where we would connect with the body’s innate healing abilities. One day, I saw my gran in a ‘vision’ and I realized I was born into this bloodline for a reason. Practicing, studying, and teaching yoga and providing Reiki, I intuitively ‘see’ and sense what a person needs in order to bring healing to their body, mind, and life. However, it is Energy that ultimately decides where true healing is needed.

What to Expect

I use Reiki (a Japanese energy healing technique) where Universal Energy moves through me and is transferred from my palms to you to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The palms will either be placed on you or hover above you (according to your comfort level).

Benefits of Energy Healing:

  • Promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety

  • Clears energetic blockages

  • Helps in letting go of destructive habits and beliefs

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Increases energy and clarity

  • Aids in developing harmony in your relationships

Additional Tools I May Use During a Session:
Based on what I’m intuitively guided to use.

  • Crystals
  • Sound Healing (singing bowls, drum, didgeridoo, and chimes) – sound is a powerful high frequency to clear blockages and raise your vibration
  • Self-Inquiry

Three Ways we can work together

As you rest and relax, I will use energy (Reiki) and sound healing to aid in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The session will take place at my home.

Be held in supportive restorative yoga poses (with props) to add to the healing process. While in the poses, I will do energy healing. These sessions take place in my home.

This session takes place online (Zoom). Through self-inquiry, meditation, and energy healing (while in a restorative pose or lying down), you will be held in a safe space for healing. The session is 45 min.

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