We don’t grow when everything’s going well. It’s when we experience loss and challenges that we truly begin to grow.

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How Yoga, Spirituality, and Grief All Came Together for Me…


My spiritual journey began when I was touched by death with the passing away of my grandfather and father when I was a child. This led me to wonder about life and death, and how and why someone dies. I began to read books on spirituality and religion to try to understand more.


In 1999, I was introduced to yoga while studying massage therapy in my home country, South Africa. It was during this time that I experienced another death, and this time it was a fellow student and close friend. Instead of turning towards yoga and furthering my spiritual journey, I shut off a part of myself and moved into the business world.

And Then Came Yoga…


A few years later, after moving to Canada (in 2001), a work colleague suggested I try yoga again. I enrolled in my first yoga teacher training (of many) in 2007, where I fell in love with the yogic philosophy and the art of yoga.

This was the start of opening my heart again.

I later co-founded a yoga studio, Chrysalis Yoga, with the intention of creating a sanctuary for people to transform themselves, their lives, and the world around them.

My Catalyst for Change…


In 2015, I went through a tumultuous separation from my partner (life and business) – it felt like a death of a relationship. Everything I thought I knew was flipped upside down. Initially, I did everything I could to avoid the pain. The things I learned in yoga and meditation wasn’t helping me in this crisis. This ended up being a huge wake-up call!


I began to step into my grief – I could no longer avoid it.  I dove into past hurts (working with some amazing people), and I looked at my interactions and experiences with death. I began to re-look at yoga, meditation, breath work, energy, life, death, and grief.


Yoga has always been my sanctuary, but now I look at yoga, grief, and spirituality as a way to connect to the infinite Energy or Source that’s within us. By tapping into this, we can then use this to bring healing to our hearts, emotions, minds, and lives. This helps us to navigate this ever-changing life with its constant losses.


Which Brings Me to You….


I’m here to share this knowledge with you to bring some ease in times of stress or heartbreak. I want you to know that this experience you’re going through can be used to bring about profound healing and transformation in your life.


When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open ourselves to the pain we feel in our hearts, an awakening begins to happen. Because we’ve all been touched by heartbreak in some form, this unifying force connects us all by showing us our ability to love, to have compassion and empathy.

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