Hi! I’m Shanine

I am a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, health coach, nature lover, and death doula in training.

My Mission:
To help beings live more fully, and to die well

For as long as I can remember, I’ve questioned the meaning of life and death. This has led me to study with masterful spiritual teachers, while life has humbled me to find inner stillness and presence.

I share these embodied practices and experiences, as well as my Tantra studies with you – through intelligent sequencing and alignment, yogic philosophy, breath, meditation, Mantra, Ayurveda, and Yoga Nidra.

By working with me, my wish is that you feel more embodied, experience stability of the mind to connect to your inner wisdom (Kavi), release limiting patterns, and manage your energy. But most importantly, to remember who are you – the Sacred, Eternal Spirit.

My current studies in Folk Herbalism and becoming a Death Doula offers deep and enriching wisdom in my classes, workshops, and trainings.

You will often find me in the woods, hiking with my fur baby, Rihanna.

My Story

My spiritual journey began when I was very young when I was touched by Death. The passing of my grandfather, my father, and hearing a person killed all led me to contemplate life and death. I began to read books on spirituality and religion to understand more, lying in bed contemplating what happens after we die.

It also made me aware that sometimes we may be uncomfortable talking about Death (not only the passing of a loved one but also divorce or the loss of a job or business). Yet, every single one of us will experience Death – someone we know may pass away, and we will inevitably face our mortality. These lessons are found in nature – every evening when the sun sets we experience a death of the day, and every morning with a new sunrise we experience the vibrancy of new possibilities, life.

Contemplating life and death brings me in touch with the present moment – questioning if I am currently living wholeheartedly or not.

The Ancient  Wisdom of  Yoga completely transformed me

Over 22 years ago, I was first introduced to yoga while studying massage therapy in my home country, South Africa. Unfortunately, during this time, I experienced another death of a fellow student and close friend. So, instead of turning towards yoga, and holding space for the pain, I numbed parts of myself.

I moved to Canada, and a work colleague suggested I try yoga again. It became a place where my mind became still, and a whole inner world of healing opened up for me. So I enrolled in my first yoga teacher training. My teacher encouraged me to volunteer at Carpenter Hospice, teaching to those with life-limiting illnesses and this deepened my love of teaching, being of service and love.

As a life-long student, I went on to complete two more yoga teacher trainings and a meditation teacher training. I owned a yoga studio, Chrysalis Yoga, for over ten years. I love facilitating yoga teacher trainings and have been doing so for over 8 years.

Yoga, meditation, and nature are always my safe havens when life flips upside down. Keeping me anchored in the unchanging while the world is constantly changing around me and imparting wisdom on how to navigate through the messiness.

Nature is my most prominent spiritual teacher – to celebrate life and learn to let go of the things and people I love the most. My dog, Rihanna, taught me about love and presence – she’s the one who gets me out on hikes.

My current studies in Folk Herbalism ignited a love of living in harmony with nature, embracing this richness that flows throughout life. This has inspired me to bring the magic of nature and yoga together in my workshops and trainings.

I’m also currently studying to become a Death Doula (helping with end-of-life planning and the transition with support, Yoga Nidra, and meditation).

My Education


Thank you to my teachers (and their teachers, and the sacred lineage of teachings that I share).

I aim to not dilute the ancient teachings and honour the sacred wisdom that has been shared with me and from where they came.

Yoga & Meditation Related
  • E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance (highest credentials) and Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider (YACEP) – providing continuing education
  • 300-hr ParaYoga Teacher Training (2021) – Yogarupa Rod Stryker
  • ParaYoga Nidra Teacher Training (2020-2021) – Yogarupa Rod Stryker
  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (2016) – Andrea Peloso
  • 200-hr Anusara Yoga Teacher Training (2010) – Todd Norian & Ann Greene
  • 200-hr Meditation Teacher Training (2009) – Tony Murdock
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (2008) – Janice Clarfield
  • 250-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (2008) – Nesta Falladown
Death Doula, Nature, Health & Wellness
  • Reiki: Usui Reiki First Degree Level (2021) – Edward Huang
  • Death Doula (2021) – currently in training with Going with Grace
  • Folk Herbalism & Gaian Mentorship (2021) – currently in training with Julie Gaia
  • Health Coach (2014) – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Ayurveda: Mind/Body Healing (2010) – The Institue of Holistic Nutrition
  • Reiki: Usui Shiki Ryoho, Level 1 (2008) – Christian Thomson
  • Massage Therapy (1999) – Institute of Natural Health
Other Teachers Who Have Influenced Me
  • Eckhart Tolle
  • Mooji
  • Byron Katie
  • Stephen Levine
  • Joe Dispenza
Volunteer Experience
  • Carpenter Hospice
  • International AIDS Conference
  • An AIDS Orphanage in South Africa

Client Love

I met Shanine through my yoga teacher training in which she served both as a facilitator and my teacher. Through this experience, she has left an indelible mark on my life as a student, a teacher, and as a person. Her professionalism is impeccable and her ability to direct and lead as well as read her student’s energy is impressive. She is a remarkable teacher in terms of her knowledge and awareness of her students. I admire how she always pays homage to her teachers and their teachers.

Damoya Anderson

I have been so fortunate to have completed my first yoga teacher training program with Shanine. She is authentic, knowledgeable, yet continues to learn, and is able to give each student exactly what they need. Anybody who takes a yoga class with Shanine is incredibly lucky.

Ingrid Pulpin

Shanine holds space and encourages you to explore your practice further. She is an exceptional yoga teacher that leverages the power breath work, poses, and personal exploration. She has a beautiful way of challenging you during practice while making you feel supported and cared for. There is something to take away from every class that Shanine leads and I always feel that I learn more about myself, what I’m capable of, and how my mind and body is showing up. 

Ryan Decoste

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