Hello  Beautiful, Courageous Soul …

Embracing Life and surrendering to Death asks us to boldly step into the unknown.


Yoga guides us to live fully, peacefully, lovingly and to practice letting go.


A teacher empowers us to live to our greatest potential and a death doula supports the sacred process of dying.


Hello, I’m Shanine!

I’m a yoga and meditation teacher who helps others, like you, live to your Greatest Potential – to ignite the senses, feel centred, and more embodied. Because life is meant to be lived fully.

Incorporating these ancient yogic practices, as well as living in harmony with nature’s wisdom, guides us to live fully and to be more stable when the world is constantly changing.

I also help souls with the transition of this life (in their death), to move through this challenging, yet magical process more consciously.

My Offerings

Client Love

Shanine creates a community not just based on the shared passion of yoga but from the transcending peace and gratitude that comes innately from her spirit. As a teacher, Shanine guides her practice with a quiet, unassuming power. She interjects humour into her class. She gives her students the confidence to achieve beautiful things. As a friend, Shanine is loyal and without judgment. She is truly a treasure to behold.

Nancy McKenzie

I have been so fortunate to have completed my first yoga teacher training program with Shanine. She is authentic, knowledgeable, yet continues to learn, and able to give each student exactly what they need. Anybody who takes a yoga class with Shanine is incredibly lucky.

Ingrid Pulpan

During our yoga teacher training journey we were able to deepen our personal practice and learn how to teach students in a safe and caring way. Shanine created a safe space for us to be vulnerable and discover our authentic selves, ultimately allowing us to reconnect and enhance our personal relationships. She is a playful, knowledgeable, and talented yoga teacher. Forever Grateful.

Natalie & Michael Workman

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